Dead Calm

by Tom Mess

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  • Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    1.Dead Calm 03:32
    2.Trend to Decline 03:16
    3.Wait 04:35
    4.Nothing left to Love 03:34
    5.Built On 01:48
    6.Well Known 02:10
    7.The Point 03:43
    8.From Five to Five 01:45
    9.B.o.Y. 03:14

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recorded at home
mastered by Robin Schmidt
24-96 Mastering


released April 16, 2012



all rights reserved


Tom Mess Karlsruhe, Germany

Alt. Country & Rock w/ Band & Solo

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Track Name: Dead Calm
While the weakness swells, time is running
Through my hand like sand
And I wonder again
Indifference is growing and falling apart
Every second moment has another setting
When everything is changing
My bourbon will always be the same
If I got lost somewhere I follow the stream
While the girl is yelling,
I’m smiling
And think about the things
And how they are down at the bar
Where I sit and drink, play and sing
I ride that train you put me in
Hand in hand with regrets and sins
And I will earn what I sow for sure my friend
Track Name: Trend to Decline
I head out alone to a bar downtown
The work is done for now,
So let’s catch a drink
Because too many hours, my throat runs dry
I bet for nothing then another try
To warm up my soul, my old bones
Somehow to fade out the time
The trend to decline the shadows
Who enter a mind
I roll a cig, take a first deep nip
On Monday right, or Tuesday night?
At the end I don’t mind
Because too many hours, my throat runs dry
I bet for nothing then another try
To warm up my soul, my old bones
Somehow to fade out the time
The trend to decline the shadows
Who enter a mind
Constantly to seem ordinary
Track Name: Wait
My mouth is dry, my tongue is numb,
My head is nowhere
Guess I’m drunk but I need some more
Can’t find an end,
Because I don’t want to stop right here
Once I wrote that we don’t need goals
Since then my world seems to explode
Can’t wait till you come
Can’t wait till you leave
Can’t wait to hit the road and coming home
Can’t wait to get drunk
With friends or drink alone
Nothing is enough, love still kills love
And it feels wrong to hit a score
Because scores crumbling down
Like awards, like girls and love
This knowledge don’t help a lot
Till the end of all by itself
My motor can’t drive without wheels
That’s the main problem that is
What do I do to myself
Track Name: Nothing left to Love
Stare back on years
The way is made by tears
Sent through a maze
To reach what I might not need
Means to move a wheel
Without a chance to rest your aching feet
Like a rat in a cage
The bed is already made
I can’t run and I can’t stay
So that’s why I drink me away
Try to compensate
This bad aftertaste
See what’s passed
Everything is based on broken glass
With high priority I scan my empty mind to see
To prove there’s not enough to hope
Not enough to lose and nothing left to love
Turn your engine low
If you want to feel the details below
Track Name: Built On
Let us forget our loss,
Let us rest our bones
Instead of drink the whole night long
To wash away
The things we’ve said and done
Please correct if me I’m wrong
Down and out we carry the weight
Run and hide and think we’re safe
In a cage built on masquerade
Let us forgive the shame,
To regain ourselves
Stop waiting for better days,
To win or lose, to come back,
To get old and maybe fat
But we rather pull our sheets over our head
Track Name: Well Known
Alone with my broken bones
I wonder what went on
Some cold beers are good enough for now
Behind my dirty windows
Pale light, all night
Two tired eyes need some sleep
To find some peace
Alone, the last cigarette is gone
By eating themself
That’s a way how good things sadly end
And nothing but cold smoke fills that hole
as good as it goes
I wait that whole damn day
To design my night time
Am’I going insane by the
Well known pain
Track Name: The Point
A fool thinks he knows the rules,
Knows the way it goes
The pain and the shame of running away
Two broken hearts at the roads end
A last glass to toast to forget to let it happen
I believe deep in my chest I know what’s left
A fool thinks he can,
Find enough comfort in liquor stuff
To forget what’s said, to forget what’s next
A last kiss, a last cigarette
Don’t turn the matter of fact
This conflict pounds in my head
I crossed the point where I can’t go back
Track Name: From Five to Five
We drink from five to five
Only we know why
We can’t get enough
As guilty as we are
We don’t shy the moon
Staying sober is not an answer
Alright, let’s save our minds
While get wasted day and night
And say goodbye one more time
And try to make things right
Try to live our life
And say goodbye one more time
We live in a lie
Try not to miss what we can’t get
Track Name: B.o.Y.
Heart is beating
While you`re leaving the room
Your perfume left for sure
So I know that I can’t ignore
Share the dance floor with devils
Loan a soul for a while
To follow the sirene call
Between ruins painted as kitchen walls
I smile less sweet than bitter
To a face in the bathroom mirror
I’m drinking myself into an early grave
Hope that I don’t blame myself
Like you wish I did I will do
Because of you